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Vol 36 No 1

In this issue of The Green Horse you will find the following articles:

Reducing Environment Impact

Are there GMOs in Horse Food?
by Andrea Carmody
Large Animal Rescue Roadshow

Equine Landcare Groups
by Rebecca Cassells
Growing Equine Herbs - Equine Herbs and ‘Flu
by Jackie Rive            
Weedwatch - Hairy Mustard  
by Nicola Field

Holistic Management Pt 10b
by Mariette van den Berg

FEI Sustainability Initiative

Hanging a Gate by Andrea Carmody    

The FEI has added its weight to global sustainability efforts in publishing a new handbook for event organisers. Part of the FEI Sustainability Programme, the handbook will aid and encourage event organisers to implement various sustainability initiatives to help reduce the negative environmental impact of the events.

FEI Director Education and Standards, Harald Muller, said “Equestrian events are unique in many ways but they do have one thing in common: sustainable action can be taken at every event. The FEI Sustainability Handbook is designed to highlight how, and also what proactive measures can be taken in the future.”

The booklet introduces what sustainability is and the different aspects that need to be kept in mind while preparing to adopt sustainability efforts. In addition, it includes about 150 different initiatives that are graded on their ‘Awareness Potential’, ‘Impact Minimisation’, and ‘Ease of Implementation’. Event organisers can select the initiatives based on the priorities they have set themselves.

The FEI will introduce several sustainability initiatives, including an interactive web platform, which will include a knowledge database and diverse sustainability benchmarking tools to enable event organisers to work together with the FEI and each other on development.
“Respect for nature has always been integral to equestrian sport through its connection to horses and the outdoors”, FEI President HRH Princess Haya said. “The Sustainability Handbook for Event Organisers gives us a solid framework to improve and expand our efforts to protect the environment and ensure that equestrian events create a lasting positive legacy.”

In keeping with the sustainability focus, the FEI has a small supply of the handbook in hard copy, but encourages on-line viewing.



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