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Oct/Nov 2017
Vol 39 No 3

In this issue of The Green Horse you will find the following articles:

Talking Point

Information Exchange - Expert Advice, Planning, Plants and Installation ...FOR FREE

Managing Soil Health on the horse property by Plan-it Rural
Last issue Annemaree and Linda discussed pasture management strategies to promote good health in the horse; they also introduced the phrase “bare ground is your enemy” – in this issue they explain why it is important to maintain groundcover, ensuring healthy soils and healthy pastures on your horse property.

MY PLACE by Sophie Love
Introducing a series on properties across the country; where owners chat about THEIR PLACE and what they have done to improve the land and develop the property.

preventing Summer Sores, Bioreactors and Redback Spider bites

by Angela Davison -
The Horse Herbalist

Understanding WHY your horse may be nervous and CORE HERBS for treatment.


by Mark Brown - Envirapest
NOW is the time to take a stand against those Spring and Summer pest issues that annoy our horses and us.

If Australia follows the lead of other environmentally conscious countries then we may shortly see horse bedding being used to heat homes and produce electricity.

share your equine related recycling ideas or property management tips and each issue one reader will win.

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When a reader advised us of the opportunity to have your property enhanced and to help the environment, we felt it was something that should be shared with all horse owners. To find if your property is eligible you can visit Greenfleet Australia’s website or contact them on the 1800 number below.

Expert advice, planning, plants and installation … for free.

Melbourne-based environmental organisation Greenfleet Australia is looking for landowners to work with across Australia and New Zealand, including horse property owners. The registered not-for-profit organisation provides property enhancement while helping the environment, by installing native forest.

“Native forest adds value to a property and increases its beauty and productivity,” says Greenfleet’s General Manager Revegetation, Michael Coleman. There are actually no minuses. “And there are no catches,” ensures Michael.

Planting large-scale vegetation can be costly and its viability hit-and-miss, without expert guidance. Enter Greenfleet Australia, a not-for-profit social enterprise that provides it all … expert advice, planning, plants and installation … for free, without any cost or effort for the landowner. “They supply the land and we supply the forest … together, we improve the greater good.”

Greenfleet Australia raises funds then partners with landholders to turn that money into carbon banks for the future, while restoring more land to ecological balance.

Horse property owners can help the planet by restoring a portion of their land to native forest. The benefits are immeasurable: creating shade and shelter for livestock, reversing land degradation, correcting salinity, providing habitat for native wildlife, improving soil and pasture quality (possibly reducing feed and vet bills), and encouraging Australia’s unique biodiversity.
The horses also enjoy a more natural and relaxing lifestyle. On a large, collective scale, forest regeneration can positively influence weather patterns for the future and reforestation can offset carbon emissions.

Greenfleet are currently recruiting landholders in Gippsland, Victoria, but would love to hear from landowners in all areas.
See or phone (61) 1800 032 999





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