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August September 2014
Vol 36 No 2

In this issue of The Green Horse you will find the following articles:

Information Exchange
Growing Equine Herbs - A Herbal Hedgerow
by Jackie Rive
Landcare for Singles
Weedwatch - Scarlet Pimpernel
by Nicola Field
Landcare Australia’s 25th Birthday
Trees for Paddocks and Fencelines
by Paige Fleming
Controlling Pest, Maintaining Dung Beetles
by Dr Bernard Doube
Know Your Water Rights
by Andrea Carmody
Equine Landcare Groups
by Rebecca Cassells
There’s Gold in Them Thar Trees
by Charles Q Choi

Three years ago a group of single men and women with an interest in land care came together in the Yarra Valley to plant more than 1300 tubestock as part of a Landcare Victoria initiative. Since then, the idea has taken hold around the country with landcare and coastcare events taking place from Perth to Brisbane and everywhere in between.
Arguably more fun than speed dating and with the cheeky tag-line So...Do you plant here often?, speed planting is promoted as a great way to meet other singles with similar interests and do something positive for the environment at the same time.
Landcare Australia has developed a project kit for singles events to make it easy for more people to get involved. Along with promotional flyers and posters to download, the kits include a suggested running order for the day and event checklists. The project kit can be downloaded from the resources section of




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