August/September Vol 43 No 2
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Rider Mistakes and how to remedy them

All riders will make mistakes, it is what we do about them that is important when we are training. In this new series Sarah Warne highlights two mistakes that are commonly made, and how to remedy them.

Keeping Your Horse Active and Comfortable

It goes without saying that keeping our horses fit and healthy is a top priority. There are a variety of products and technologies available to help and maintain the health and well-being of your horse at home.

Riding Essentials - jods, breeches and riding tights

If there is any item that riders have a lot of it is riding pants.
We are spoilt for choice these days when it comes to finding the right pair to suit our equestrian endeavours, discipline, body shape, colour preference and budget.
Riders share their tried and trusted brands and what they look for when on the look-out for fashionable and functional riding attire. 

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics has been a welcome distraction to the Covid situation, with the success of the equestrian team and the legendary Andrew Hoy and his horse Vassily de Lassos an inspiration to us all. Adding another silver and bronze medal to his haul over an incredible eight Olympic Games, Andrew is pictured on the front cover of this issue on ByeBye Brisquenouille. 
Telling reporters in Tokyo that the Paris Olympics in 2024 could be a strong possibility, few would doubt a ninth Games could well and truly be on the cards for this extraordinary equestrian. 

While few riders make it to such an elite level, it is worth remembering that Olympians like Andrew started riding as a child and was a member of his local Pony Club. So who knows what the future holds for some of our readers and their children!

We hope you enjoy this latest issue. 

The Hoofbeats Team 

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Training Tips With Alison Rowland

An in-demand coach and young horse specialist, Alison shares how she prepares her horses for competition, her event warm-up techniques and the most common errors riders make in their training.

with UQ VETS

Changes in insulin concentration are common and if left undiagnosed and unmanaged can lead to laminitis. To understand the disease better, we are researching the prevalence and genetics associated with insulin dysregulation in ponies and cobs. We are recruiting Welsh section A, B, C and D ponies and cobs and Shetlands between 4 -15 years of age.
To see if your pony is eligible contact Drs Brianna Clark, Allison Stewart or Francois-Rene Bertin at UQ VETS ESH on 07 5460 1799 or email


The Most Common Cause of Laminitis

Equine metabolic syndrome (EMS) is the most common cause of laminitis, and ponies in particular have a genetic predisposition for developing this disease. There are two preventable scenarios we, as owners and vets, commonly encounter.

Putting Weight on the Skinny Horse

Why do some horses lose weight while others maintain theirs? A number of influences will impact the body condition and  metabolic rate of horses, which will determine if they will be an easy or a hard keeper.

Benefits of Stretching For Your Horse

Stretches are a valuable addition to the training and care regime of your horse as they help them perform to the best of their ability explains Dr Raquel Butler.
It is important however, to stretch your horse correctly and with the right stretches to suit the situation.

Kikuyu Grass and The Health of Your Horse

Good pasture represents one of the best and least expensive sources of food for horses, and it provides the most natural and healthy environment for exercise and rest.
There are three main concerns with horses grazing kikuyu that need to be taken into consideration.
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by Dr Jennifer Stewart
We all know that horses and wounds go hand-in-hand, and it is a case of when it will happen, not if.
But why do wounds not heal as expected?
PROTEIN- how much and when to feed it.
by Antoinette Foster
Many horse owners are under the incorrect assumption that protein is actually an energy source, however it has a different function, as protein chains of amino acids are the building blocks for growth and repair of bones, muscles, and almost all of the soft tissue in the body of the horse.

Inside The Green Horse  your guide to sustainable horse and property keeping

Let's Talk About Fencing 
What should be considered before fencing a horse property. 

Weed Control - Beating Bindii  
How to control this dreaded prickly weed. 

Tackling Blackberry   
They might produce a tasty fruit but this is not a plant you want on your property. 


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