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Versatile Shelters – The Right Dome at the Right Price.

Is this the solution for shelter on your property?


Family owned Australian business Damien Cole Group have a background in construction equipment in the mining and construction industries. After needing some dome shelters for their own business, they started receiving enquiries and orders from a range of businesses and individuals also looking for economical, weather proof, easy to erect shelters for storage and shelter.

Ideal for property owners looking for solutions for storage of hay and other agricultural products, shaded vehicle and float parking, and shade for horses and other livestock, these quality dome shelters are available in sizes 8m, 10m, 12m and 15m, along with custom sizes by special order.

Available flat packed ready to be erected with the detailed instructions, the frames are made from heavy duty galvanised steel with the full back cover and all fittings included. Zip up front covers can also added along with mountable legs and sea containers for those wanting to mount the dome on a container.

With no time lost waiting for council approval, as most do not require building approval for temporary buildings, standard sizes are in stock in Perth so your shelter can be ordered and ready for installation and use as fast as you need it.

Prices start from $3250+gst.


or contact Paul or Damien on 08 9277 1500 or email:





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