After two and a half years leading Equestrian Australia (EA) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Paula Ward is expecting her first child. Consequently she will be leaving EA at the end of June when her current contract expires. EA will now commence the search for a new Chief Executive Officer..





In her time at EA, Paula has faced many challenging issues and has played a critical role in the ongoing development and success of the EA business. Along with the support of her team, Paula has been responsible for many significant achievements which include:

  • EA’s first Community and Economic Impact Survey in October 2016 which revealed the contribution of equestrian sport to Australia is $1.143B;
  • Implementation of the Global FEI Clean Sports Program and enhanced our existing National Medication Control Program to create a robust anti-doping culture;
  • Significantly increased EA’s digital engagement with the broader equestrian community with an average growth of 143% across each of our digital channels;
  • Set the foundation for development pathways for our athletes, coaches and officials with growth in coaches already lifted by 13% and accredited officials by 14%; and
  • Partnered with the Australian Sports Commission to oversee the continued growth in equestrian participation within the Sporting Schools Program. Over the last 12 months, the program has grown by 625% with hundreds of students introduced to equestrian for the first time.

Of particular note, following the two devastating in-competition fatalities in 2016, Paula has guided the sport through a difficult and challenging time. She oversaw the agreement to instigate the EA Making Eventing Safer Fund which came from the generous donation of Terry Snow. This safety fund has enabled the employment of EA’s first National Safety Officer and the subsequent implementation of frangible devices across the country to reduce risk and optimise the welfare of our horses and the safety of our riders.

Paula will remain with the EA until 30th June 2018.

In the meantime, it is the EA's priority to find the best candidate to lead Equestrian Australia. The Australian Sports Commission will be assisting EA in the recruitment of the new CEO.

Global Elite Sports are currently undertaking the search assignment on behalf of Equestrian Australia to appoint their next Chief Executive Officer.
The attached job advertisement now live on their website . If this is the job for you then follow the link.



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