Newspeak- January 2018


The proposed facility is in response to a health deficit for horse owners from the Daintree to Tully.
The location of a veterinary service capable of providing treatment and diagnostics for horses within the Cairns area has previously been limited to Atherton or Kuranda.


NQ Veterinary Services recently lodged a development application with Cairns Regional Council to open a comprehensive equine vet surgery, at Edmonton. The proposed new facility includes “temporary stables for the care and short-term holding (of) horses.

“Ultimately, a permanent horse shed will be built on the rear of the property, with two holding yards, two stables, and a horse ‘crush’ for veterinary treatment,” Planz Town Planning wrote on behalf of its client. It is intended that the vets will be able to visit patients (house calls) as well as provide services on the premises.”

The new venture is to replace the existing Gordonvale clinic run by NQ Veterinary Services, which has operated in the Far North for more than 60 years. Under the proposal, the existing house would become a veterinary practice including a “waiting room, reception, staffroom, consultation room, preparation area, surgery, laboratory, laundry and include holding pens.The clinic would operate from 7.30am-7pm. Overnight stays are to be limited to four dogs/cats and two-four horses.

“Where possible, overnight patients will be moved to Atherton or Malanda clinics,” Planz Town Planning wrote. "Horse facilities will be cleaned twice daily and manure will be composted with straw to reduce the smell.”

The company said the new clinic was “necessary for the growing residential and rural Edmonton as a major centre.”



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