State Vaulting Championships

by Jane Beaverstock

On Sunday December 4th 2016, the Swan Valley was home to the inaugural Western Australian State Vaulting Championships. Effectively gymnastics on the back of a moving horse, vaulting has been around since the Ancient Romans, and has evolved over 2000 years to become an internationally competitive sport.
Athletes and horses from four centres across WA made their way to the State Equestrian Centre at Brigadoon for this event. Twelve vaulters spent the day competing in various mounted and barrel events, including Individual, Pas de Deux (doubles) and Squad classes. Classes catering for athletes with a disability and integrated combinations were also offered. 


Two judges were invited to officiate at the event: Angie Deeks (QLD), and Carol Brice (WA). Both were thrilled with the level of competition they were offered, and are keen to make their way back to WA for next year’s events.
Jane Beaverstock, event co-ordinator, was extremely happy with the result.“I’m ecstatic at how well the day ran. The level of competition was superb and the vaulters conducted themselves like absolute professionals” she said. “I am so proud to share this part of history with everyone who was involved in the competition.”
The organising committee would like to extend their thanks to the City of Swan, Mitavite, and Cash Generator Midland for their generous sponsorship of this event. Thanks also goes to Equestrian Western Australia, the National Vaulting Committee, and Equestrian Australia for their support and guidance, and to all of the volunteers who helped out on the day- this event wouldn’t have been possible without you!

Left: Claudia Leahy on Mackerson

Below: Claudia Leahy, Matilda Yates and Gabrielle Lumsden on Raine Park Vulcan

Emmi Kneale on Monterray


Matilda Yates and Emmi Kneale on Casper

Congratulations to the following State Champions:

  • Champion Female: Claudia Leahy
  • Champion Male: Simon Emmott
  • Champion Athlete with a Disability: Barra Amba Harrison
  • Champion Pas de Deux: Claudia Leahy & Gabrielle Lumsden
  • Champion Squad: Matilda Yates, Gabrielle Lumsden, Simon Emmott, Suzanne Stevely, Rachel Ryan & Claudia Leahy (lunger: Jane Beaverstock)
  • Champion Official Horse: Mackerson
  • Champion Associate Horse: Monterray
  • Champion Official Lunger: Kay Fowler
  • Champion Associate Lunger: Jess Kneale

Right: Gabrielle Lumsden on Mackerson

Below Left: Vaulting States_Rachel Ryan and Suzanne Stevely on Raine Park Vulcan

Below Right: State Championships competitors and organisers.