by Alex Markowski
Photography by Sherri Wightman Photography.

The 14th and 15th March 2020 saw the Standardbred Pleasure and Performance Horse Association of WA host its 20th State Championships. Being our prestigious state championship show many look forward and prepare their horses for this event for many months prior and we were very fortunate to host the event before the Covid-19 issues arose.

What is usually a warm sunny time of the year, the forecast leading up to it wasn’t co-operating with a show of rain and thunderstorms. With an eagle eye on the forecast we ensured everything was tied down, wet weather gear was packed and a quicker format to run through if needed. However, we couldn’t have had a better outcome in weather.

Visiting accredited judge Sheree Taylor accepted our invitation to judge for the weekend. Sheree has a background of breeding both pure and part Arabs, Anglo ponies, galloways and Pintos. She has been involved with judging a large assortment of breeds right down to miniatures.

It is often mentioned by judges that the Standardbreds have some of the best presentation amongst the various breeds and this weekend was no different. All the competitors and their horses, were immaculately presented. It is a credit to all for the pride and effort they put into showing the breed to such a high standard.

Sheree commented that she was particularly impressed with her Champions on the Saturday, but could not go past the balance and overall type of the Junior Exhibit for Grand Champion. She further added that she was both excited and impressed with the standard of horses throughout the grades in the ridden on the Sunday. All three Champions from each section stood out to her for various reasons, with the Grand Champion executing a polished workout.

SPPHAWA would like to thank all involved for your support in promoting and showcasing your elite equines at our state event.

Champion Junior- Aspasia-Kristie Morrone
Reserve Champion Junior- Dharma Park Wildcard-Samantha Spurr

Champion Mare- AP Burlesque-Kristie Morrone
Reserve Champion Mare- The Prodigy-Rebecca Phillips

Champion Gelding- Vallentino- Alex Markowski
Reserve Champion Gelding- Ebony Stride-Morgan Blake

Champion Stallion- Mynameskenny-Kristie Morrone


Champion Best Presented- Aspasia
Reserve Best Presented- Vallentino

Champion Track to Hack- Ebony Stride
Reserve Champion Track to Hack- The Prodigy

Champion WA Bred- Vallentino
Reserve Champion WA Bred- Village Conquerer-Tracey Garth

Champion Show Horse- Vallentino
Reserve Champion Show Horse- Ebony Stride

Champion Show Hunter- Gran Tarino-Naomi Edwardes
Reserve Champion Show Hunter- Village Conquerer

Champion Junior Handler- Clare Abbott
Reserve Champion Junior Handler- Imogen Murray

Champion Senior Handler – Catherine Piper
Reserve Champion Senior Handler- Tracey Garth

Champion Harness- Jus Livinthedream-Clare Abbott
Champion Elementary Best Presented- The Prodigy-Rebecca Phillips

Champion Elementary Rider- India Levene
Reserve Champion Elementary Rider- Catherine Piper

Champion Ridden Elementary Hack- The Prodigy
Reserve Champion Elementary Hack – Starzzz By Mee-Catherine Piper

Champion Open Smartest on Parade- Vallentino-Alex Markowski

Champion Open Rider- Kerryn Davey
Reserve Champion Open Rider- Portia Allen

Champion Ridden Intermediate Hack- Vallentino
Reserve Champion Ridden Intermediate Hack- Gran Tarino-Naomi Edwardes

Champion Ridden Open Hack- President Hoylake-Kerryn Davey.