Dr Erica (Ricky) MacMillan Clinic

by Robin Allen

Dr Erica MacMillan (Ricky) is a dual Olympic and World Cup Representative for Australia, a multi-National Champion, a 4Star International Dressage Judge and a Level 3 NCAS Coach. 

Ricky is a Dentist by profession, owning her own practice in Queensland.  She has several horses in work, from babies up to Grand Prix and loves training them every day on her property.  Crisp (pictured) was her wonderful Olympic and World Cup Horse.  He passed away last year after enjoying a long and happy life.  He will always be remembered as her once in a lifetime horse and special friend.

Right: Ricky MacMillan on Crisp. (Photo courtesy of horsedeals.com.au)


Ricky has been coming to WA for many years conducting clinics and on the occasion Judging and doing Judging Seminars.
She has wonderful communication skills and is able to provide the riders with specific tools to help them progress and develop their riding abilities.  Her experience and expertise is unquestionable and her knowledge is nothing short of amazing.

There is a group of riders who have been working with Ricky for many years building a great relationship together and an understanding of how to work to achieve long term goals. 

The regular clinics are run in a very friendly and happy environment at a beautiful private Indoor Arena in the Swan Valley; Ricky is a very patient and positive person who is happy to teach riders of every level and uses her great knowledge to teach in a way which is easily understood.  Her many talents including being able to ride the horses if necessary to demonstrate a point, and giving an International Judge’s opinion on test movements. 

Left: Judy Webber on Bello Gallico with Ricky MacMillan at Belle View Indoor Arena.